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We are a team of architects and designers specializing in architectural, interior and furniture design. Being primarily design based we value the process as much as the product. We do not claim allegiance to any specific design, style or school of thought. For us each project is a new beginning.
PWA is an architectural and design firm in Sri Lanka, made up of highly creative and talented architects. We specialize in architectural, interior and furniture design. We have acquired extensive professional expertise designing simple, advanced, complex and iconic buildings regardless of its size, context or scope.
Each PWA project provides a new beginning and is the result of an in-depth and meticulous design process. The approach we take on every job is considered a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity to transform the architectural design into a transcending reality. Our ambition is simple; to develop the most efficient and dynamic buildings and modern home design, be it residential, commercial or recreational including restaurants, villas, spas, resorts and hotels. We listen to our client at the start of the process, understanding their needs and aspirations on house design, but not limiting ourselves to the brief. Instead, we aim to produce design-led solutions which are tailor made to visualize their context which were unable to be expressed in mere words.
We draw on our extensive knowledge and expertise in order to translate modern house designs into reality. We embrace each element, be it creation, construction or performance. We predominantly feature materials and textures including fire, wind, water, sand, stone and timber in our designs. We aim to create emotional and visual sensations within the user’s mind, by manipulating the space which flows from the inside to the outside combining both shade and light. Our house designs aim to deliver buildings which are visually compelling and functionally efficient. Modern house plans make modern living easier and more appealing than ever before.
We offer a full range of comprehensive consultancy services provided by a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary group of designers. Our services include project evaluation, total design services, solutions and project administration. With various features and sizes to choose from, our tailor made modern house plans will cater to your own individual tastes. We pay attention to detail which ensures the company policy is in play by finalizing each project as per the allocated time and budget. For us, architecture is a journey rather than a conceptual exercise.
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