Private Residence – Galle

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Built on an elevated and sloping site with views stretching as far as Rumassala bay, the house plans were inspired by the surrounding greenery and views of the spectacular ocean. A fundamental design consideration was that the site itself should not be disturbed. This required we build well above the existing ground level. A height of 6m from ground level was agreed upon as this facilitated a better view of the sea. The structure that is completely steel, supports two levels; the lower level is exclusively for bedrooms and the upper level is for an open plan living, dining and pantry area. Both upper and lower levels have balcony/terrace areas to step out into. Most of the wall areas are clad with zinc/aluminum sheets and the toilets have a brick wall. The floors are made of timber. All the doors and windows are aluminum. The materials are simple so the emphasis is given to the beauty of the surrounding

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