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PWA Architects consist of a team of talented Architects, Designers, Draftsmen, 3D- conceptualizers, landscape designers and interior designers specializing in various aspects of architectural, interior and furniture design. Being primarily a design based firm, we value the process as much as the end product. 


We do not claim allegiance to any specific design style or school of thought, instead, we treat each new project as a new beginning in realizing our Client’s needs. We specialize in commercial, residential, hospitality and community welfare projects including diverse interior architectural projects both locally and internationally - and are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design within the various range of projects.

Our team of dynamic individuals looks to pioneer novel design techniques - and research into new materials, textures and techniques found both locally and internationally. We take pride in paying attention to detail, which also influences our company policy in serving a limited number of projects at a given time.

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