The site which occupies an elevated strip of land has a unique panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. The main idea behind the design was to capture as much of the stunning view as possible. Simplicity of design and the almost symmetrical arrangement of spaces was partly inspired by traditional Sri Lankan Architectural typology.

A clear and clean palette of materials like timber, white cement and rough plastered walls was used to create a simple structure which merged with the landscape. The internal spaces all open out towards sea and the verandahs and walkways create a transition space which blurs the line between in and out. The two main pavilions accentuate the center of the property while the rooms and standalone suites hug the inward periphery of the land. This layout was used to provide maximum privacy to the guests as well as create informal spaces between rooms which had lush tropical planting and provided intermediate points of rest & interest. The totality of the design seeks to capture a simplicity of form which is subtle and timeless, from which the natural beauty of the site can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Location: Balapitiya, Sri Lanka

Status: Completed in 2017