Fort Bazaar is located within the 17th Century world heritage site of Galle Fort. In order to maintain the character of the property, the existing footprint of the site  was maintained and re-built along similar dimensions. The use of contemporary materials was limited, as we intended to remain true to building materials used within the Heritage site. 

The re-interpretation of the door and window stylings, the use of cut cement/patterned tiling for floors, the installation of tin ceilings with motifs along with a mix of modern furniture and wall elements helped give a contemporary edge to the property.

The Verandah was a highlight, creating the ability to enjoy the vibrant streetscape while influencing the inner workings of the building. Most of the older trees were retained, while the old banyan tree was an outdoor feature to which the courtyard was oriented towards. The project was both challenging and inspiring and PWA takes pride in being a part of preserving an architectural heritage.

Location: Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Status: Completed in 2016