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The brief provided by the clients initially described a holiday home in which they would spend half of the year, it was to incorporate all the aspects of a modern holiday house but also reflect the lifestyle of the clients, both of whom could be classified as working in the Creative fields.

Our interpretation of the clients brief was that the particular lifestyle of the client could easily fit into the modified form of some of the unique vernacular structures that could be identified as Tropical. This we felt would provide the design direction that was required to differentiate between building in Sri Lanka and building in any of the other tropical countries. The character of the building would not be something foreign but would be something which evolved from the local context. The movement of the Sea formed the most prominent feature of surrounding landscape and the stillness of the horizon provided the balance. The proposed building was also to convey a sense of both movement and stillness.

The fluidity and flexibility of the design meant that the building could both act as a holiday home or a small beachside retreat for small groups of urbane young travelers.


Location: Habaraduwa, Galle, Sri Lanka

Status: Completed in 2006

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